For Your Viewing Pleasure: 5 of the Summer's Biggest Jewelry Trends

While everyone's scoping out micro miniskirts and fussing over ultra-low-rise jeans, I'm making a beeline for the accessories this summer. Namely, the jewelry. The old me would cling to delicate gold rings and minimalist necklaces barely visible to the naked eye, but the jewelry circling around this season is simply too good to unceremoniously fade into the background. Let me demonstrate.

Comparable to the shift toward vibrant and bold colors within ready-to-wear, the jewelry sphere has embraced ultra-saturated hues and statement shapes. Swarovski and Mondo Mondo are just two of the brands that have featured colored crystals heavily within their latest collections, and plenty more big names are taking heed. Other jewelry trends simultaneously heating up the scene? Chokers are making their grand return for another moment in the sun, and as seen in just about everything else, the Y2K wave has infiltrated in the form of Mariah Carey–inspired butterfly designs. Maximalism is rearing its head, and it's a sight to see.

Keep clicking to see the full roundup of jewelry trends emerging this summer and the perfect pieces to shop as you read. 

1. Rainbow Gems

Flamboyant, over-the-top, and certainly a statement, big colored gems are a major theme this season, and it seems like it's just the beginning. From pink crystals to purple rhinestones, the brilliant rainbow stones feel like a reprieve from the minimalist, dainty jewelry of a few years ago. The best part is pieces this flashy don't need complex styling to stand out—stick with simple basics to let your accessories shine like they're supposed to.

2. Butterfly Details



Suddenly, I'm having flashbacks to perusing the aisles of Claire's and Limited Too. A trend I didn't see coming, butterfly designs are making a huge comeback, particularly among the Gen Z crowd. Before you shake your head, some of the new interpretations of the early aughts favorite are actually good and pretty elevated if you ask me. (Take Jennifer Fisher's gold butterfly ring for example.) Even if you're a staunch fan of the classics, it's okay to have a little fun.

3. Baguette Rings



Keeping in line with the mantra of "more is more" is another bauble storming the scene: baguette rings. More specifically, blinged-out baguette eternity rings are popping up everywhere, and fashion people can't get enough. I've counted over six different brands at Nordstrom alone with their own versions of the piece, which means it's a pretty big deal as far as jewelry trends go. Wear one ring on its own for a touch of sparkle or layer them with other flashy rings for the look of pure extravagance. 

4. Supersized Chokers



Here's a clue as to how old I am: I wrote a story about chokers making a comeback almost six years ago, and as fashion likes to cycle, the piece has managed to boomerang right back around. You may notice these have the added twist of an obscenely large pendant, which feels a bit fresh and new. Fashion insiders seem to love Saint Laurent's heart choker in particular, so it's one to snatch if you're into cult favorites.

5. Quirky Link Chains

Link chains are never really "out," but if we're talking about what's specifically "in," you'd definitely have to include whimsical link chains. Unlike a traditional Cuban link or snake chain, these feature intricate designs fashioned to look like paper clips or barbed wire. Adding one to your collection of tops is a simple way to have more fun with your outfit.

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