The 6 Trends Everyone's Wearing on Instagram (or Is It Just Me?)

Fashion trends typically bloom from three different sources: designers' runway shows, attendees outside of designers' runway shows, and Instagram. The last one, while the newest of the trend dictators, is arguably the most influential. It's easy for a specific clothing style, outfit, or even camera pose to catch on and spread like wildfire in a matter of days.

I've recently noticed six specific trends that everyone is wearing on the 'gram. From butterfly jewelry (my personal fave) to one-shoulder tanks (so easy to wear), I wouldn't be surprised if these make it into your next Instagram photo. Don't worry—I'll like and comment.

Scarf Tops

My mom has been collecting silk scarves for years, so I've seen the many ways they can be worn. Around the neck, tied to a handbag, in your hair—the list goes on. However, all the girls on Instagram are tying their scarves into tops, and it's such a perfect idea for a warm summer day that I can't even begin to contain my excitement. Can you tell?



Tennis Skirts

As someone who actually plays tennis, I stan the tennis-skirt trend with a passion. Since they already have a sporty feel, wear them with sneakers and a simple tank or cropped tee, and you have yourself an outfit. No actual tennis skills required.

One-Shoulder Tanks

You know how much team WWW loves a ribbed tank for its wearability and versatility. One-shoulder tanks are as easy to style but will make your outfits just that much more interesting. Are you sold yet?



Grandma Bikinis

I hope my grandma doesn't see this (she reads my stories sometimes, FYI) and get offended, but retro bikinis really are making a comeback. These high-waist brief bottoms are actually quite flattering, which is why I'm immediately on board. I could use a break from skimpy string bikinis anyway.

Open-Back Strappy Tops

This trend is perfect for warm summer days when a little extra breeze on your back is just what the doctor ordered. It's also a little sexy while still feeling elevated, which I love.

Butterfly Jewelry

I've been admiring my friend and co-worker Lauren's little butterfly necklace on our Facetimes all of quarantine. I have to give her credit as being the first person I saw wearing one because now butterfly jewelry is all over my feed. The symbol is fun and youthful and a nice change from hearts and stars.




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