The 2 Major Things to Know About Walking in Heels Without Pain

Bobby Schuessler

While we all love a gorgeous pair of high heel sandals, oftentimes they don't feel as great as they look. You know what we're talking about—when you legit can't go on another hour in the day because the shoes you're wearing are just too painful. Well, there is a way to ensure the heels you're wearing will be a bit more bearable—you just need to ensure you select a pair that has two crucial elements.

Our editorial director Kat Collings recently pointed out the two factors that make mules in particular more comfortable.

First, go for a chunky heel so the pressure is spread out on your foot more so than if you were wearing a stiletto. Also, ensure you opt for a wider strap that covers more of your foot to hold it in place and keep it stable for comfort.

Keep scrolling to watch a video of our U.S. editorial director Kat Collings explain, and shop a few of our favourite mules of the moment, too.

What's your secret trick for making heels more comfortable? Let us know in the comments below!

Opening Image: Style du Monde

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