Your Summer Wardrobe Is Not Complete Without These 7 Essentials


Adam Katz/Le21ème

Summer is here, and it’s time to up the ante on your wardrobe selection. While we’re all about the most head-turning runway looks of the season (and certainly have a handful on our current shopping list), it’s imperative that everyone starts with the basics. Until you have a mighty band of wardrobe staples as a foundation, you can’t possibly build upon your selection and mix in those to-die-for summer wardrobe essentials, however, they certainly don’t have to be boring. Look out for unique tailoring, exquisite textures, and next-level details that, while timeless, are still eye-catching.

Sure, we’re investing in that bright white T-shirt you can wear with everything from jean shorts to silk skirts, we have our eye on a structured bag that will elevate any look, and we definitely want to make sure that we have a classic black leather jacket on hand for those brisk summer evenings. Beyond that, though, we’re looking at slimmer denim silhouettes, pretty patterned one-piece swimsuits we can wear on and off the beach (meet your new favourite bodysuit!), and the perfect summer sandals that we’ll want to keep in rotation for years to come.

With the goal of amassing an arsenal of go-anywhere mix-and-match pieces in mind, here are the seven summer wardrobe essentials that everyone needs.

So before you start shopping for those head-turning trends, start with the basics. After all, they‘re among the most important pieces you’ll ever own.

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