My Closet Is Full of Trends, But I'm Ditching 90% of Them and Only Keeping These



In the last year, trends have varied from all things Y2K to oversize and menswear-inspired everything, with literally hundreds more micro-fads in between. And like any fashion-minded consumer, I bought into quite a few of them, filling my very tiny and storage-deficient apartment in the process. Now, though, after months of living among brightly colored crop tops, prairie-collar nap dresses, and much more, I'm finally giving my wardrobe a long-overdue clean-out. 

Officially, I'm dumping—and by dumping, I mean donating or selling—roughly 90% of my trend-filled closet, period. The remaining 10% will be split between timeless, anti-trend pieces and the occasional statement maker, be it a tube top or a pair of baby-pink sandals. Ahead, see what is getting the boot from my wardrobe this season as well as everything I've pardoned (during this refresh at least). 

Ditching: Nap Dresses
Keeping: Silky Dresses

Don't get me wrong. I bought and wore a lot of nap dresses from 2020 to 2022. But while I love their low-key appeal, I'm sticking mostly to comfy dresses that are a bit more elevated and luxe for this summer, specifically styles made in silk or satin. From minidresses perfect for going out to maxi alternatives that can easily transition from a daytime date to a black-tie affair, there's no shortage of silky-dress options in my current collection—and that's how it will stay.

Shop silky dresses:

The subtle patchwork details on this slip are so delicate and pretty. 

Whether you're going to a wedding or brunch, this dress is perfect.

L'Agence is my go-to for slip dresses that will last forever. 

Ditching: Skinny Jeans
Keeping: Vintage Jeans

If you're on TikTok, then you probably learned a while ago that Gen Z officially put an end to skinny jeans after their decade-long reign. Of course, I held on to a pair or two just in case the move didn't stick. But now that a year has passed, I'm ready to finally wipe my wardrobe clean of skinny jeans and replace them with my go-to style: vintage or vintage-inspired denim by can't-miss brands like Agolde, Levi's, and Zara. 

Shop vintage jeans:

These are as close to perfect as a pair of jeans can get. 

Zara is the first place I look when I'm shopping for jeans. 

There's nothing quite like a pair of 501s.

Ditching: Prairie Collars
Keeping: Button-Down Collars



For a while there, all anyone was wearing in the button-down-shirt department were styles with prairie collars, or oversize Peter Pan collars that often peeked out from under sweaters or dresses. They were adorable; it's true. But after buying and wearing one too many takes on the collar trend, I've decided to stick to collars of the more classic variety. Timeless and easy to style, an oversize poplin shirt with a button-down collar can do absolutely no wrong. 

Shop button-down collars:

H&M makes the best poplin shirts for a great price. 

Ditching: Slime Green
Keeping: Baby Pink



In 2018 and 2019, I seriously stocked up on slime-green fashion items, from dresses and skirts to jeans and handbags. And yet, I so rarely actually wore them, probably because the color was a bit too daring for my tamer style. That's why I'm honing in on baby pink as my color for 2022. Subtle yet eye-catching, the trendy shade of pink manages to be both bold and approachable for someone like me who rarely wears color. 

Shop baby-pink pieces:

Buying this set isn't even an option for me. 

Shop the matching Twist Midi Skirt ($295).

This skirt will look pretty no matter what you pair with it. 

Ditching: Gladiator Sandals
Keeping: Kitten Heels

I made a promise to myself that this year, I'd stop holding on to things that I never wear, even if I still like them. This is why I have to wave goodbye to my gladiator sandals, which, despite being chic, are too much work, so I end up always opting for an easier though equally stylish alternative. My go-to instead? Kitten heels, which are always comfortable, easy to slip on, and cute with everything. 

Shop kitten heels:

I've found that colorful heels are surprisingly easy to style.

An everyday sandal that won't destroy your feet. Love to see it.

Ditching: Bike Shorts
Keeping: Knee-Length Skirts



Unless I'm re-creating one of Princess Diana's iconic sportswear looks from the '80s, I never really grab my large assortment of bike shorts anymore. Nowadays, I'm opting to wear skirts instead, specifically those that hit right at the knee, and pairing them with knee-high boots. My trick for wearing the combo in the summer? I always choose a lightweight skirt in a linen or mesh material so it's extra breezy despite the hot weather. 

Shop knee-length skirts:

The '90s called. They said mesh skirts are having a comeback. 

Ditching: Jean Jackets
Keeping: Oversize Leather Jackets

Due to the very small size of my New York City closet, I'm forcing myself to be extra choosy about my spring and summer outerwear, picking a single style and sticking with it rather than holding on to multiple options that take up three-quarters of my closet space. That's why this season, I'm leaving my jean jackets behind in favor of Prada-inspired oversize leather jackets in moto, bomber, and blazer silhouettes. 

Shop oversize leather jackets:

So many WWW editors own this jacket, and for good reason. It's incredible.

I love this cropped take on the moto jacket. 

This will go with literally everything in your wardrobe. Trust me. 

Ditching: Crop Tops
Keeping: Tube Tops



Although I, like so many in the summer, love a crop-top moment, I'm prioritizing tube tops this season. There are simply too many tempting styles on the market right now to just pick one, thus eliminating what little room I had for my crop-top collection. 

Shop tube tops:

An easy pick you'll wear again and again. 

This whole look just screams rich.

Ditching: Open-Toe Boots
Keeping: Spiky Knee-High Boots



Though the concept of open-toe boots feels smart for summer, I could never really get into the style. I wear boots to hide the fact that I didn't get a pedicure, not deliberately show off my chipped polish. Because of that, I'm offloading my last pair of the style and focusing my attention on spiky knee-high boots that can elevate any look (literally—stiletto heels tend to have that effect). 

Shop spiky knee-high boots:

I legit need these on my feet right this instant.

Every single influencer is wearing these right now. Every single one.

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