Successful Women Wear This To Feel Most Powerful

Anna LaPlaca

Here at Who What Wear, we believe in the power of clothing. There's a reason we always put on our favourite shirt for an important meeting or reserve that one cocktail dress for special occasions. It's because when we wear these pieces, we feel most comfortable in our own skin and most equipped to take on whatever life throws us that day. Whether you're giving a big presentation or interviewing for your dream job, what you wear can transform the way you feel and, ultimately, carry yourself.

To find out what other women wear to feel most confident, we chatted with five professionals who have achieved remarkable success in their respective fields. Whether it be a blouse in a bold colour like red or a certain accessory that holds meaning, these successful women swear by the following pieces to makes them feel at their best. Ready for some empowering outfit inspiration?

Whether it be a power colour or a small but meaningful accessory, this is what successful professionals put on to feel at their most confident. Which are your go-to power pieces?

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