What Stylish Women Do On Sunday Nights (That You Don't)

Amanda Bardas

Do you suffer from Sunday Scaries? Believe it or not, the feeling of an overwhelming sense of dread for the week ahead is not uncommon. In fact, according to a Monster.com poll in the US, 78% of those surveyed experienced Sunday night anxiety. So what can we do to combat the common dread felt at the end of the weekend? We suggest you start by looking ahead and getting organised for the coming week—even if that means just prepping your closet or meals.

By kicking off your Monday with a to-do list already in place, and a Sunday evening spent preparing, you’ll already feel like you’ve accomplished something, helping to kick-start a productive work week.

To help you get inspired, we asked five of Australia’s most stylish (and busy) women to reveal their Sunday night routines. Keep scrolling!

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Opening images: An Organised Life

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