What Stylish Women Do On Sunday Nights (That You Don't)

Do you suffer from Sunday Scaries? Believe it or not, the feeling of an overwhelming sense of dread for the week ahead is not uncommon. In fact, according to a Monster.com poll in the US, 78% of those surveyed experienced Sunday night anxiety. So what can we do to combat the common dread felt at the end of the weekend? We suggest you start by looking ahead and getting organised for the coming week—even if that means just prepping your closet or meals.

By kicking off your Monday with a to-do list already in place, and a Sunday evening spent preparing, you’ll already feel like you’ve accomplished something, helping to kick-start a productive work week.

To help you get inspired, we asked five of Australia’s most stylish (and busy) women to reveal their Sunday night routines. Keep scrolling!

"Just before I sit down to have dinner on a Sunday night, I always check my An Organised Life diary to see what I have coming up for the week ahead—events, meetings etc. I add in extra reminders/notes and set alarms on my phone. (This also helps the outfit prep tip below!). Once I have checked my diary I also write a very thorough to-do list (sometimes I even do this on a Friday before I leave the office ready for Monday). My to-do list covers everything I need to achieve on Monday and is also segmented into my top three priorities for the day and then split into A.M. and P.M. lists!

I love planning my outfits for the week! I always check the weather for the week ahead on a Sunday night and roughly plan my outfits around the temperature, meetings, and events, so that I feel comfortable and confident. It makes my morning routine a lot faster! The final thing I love doing on a Sunday evening when I am relaxing on the couch is paint my nails. It just makes me feel complete and polished. Some people love a red lip—I love a painted nail."

"Sunday nights are a ‘school night’ in my household. I rarely go out on a Sunday evening, and I make sure that I have everything prepped and ready for the week ahead. There is nothing worse than starting the week ill-prepared or disorganised. I have a shopping bag into which I put the week's paperwork, notes and bits and pieces, and pop that in my car ahead of Monday morning. While it’s probably bordering on being OCD, being organised on a Sunday makes for a great week ahead!"

"I have to admit to being less of a pre-planner when I comes to my working wardrobe. I may think of outfits I want to wear for the week ahead on a Sunday, but then wake up during the week and the weather is wrong, or I am just in a different mood, so have to rethink my original plans. What I do do on Sunday nights, is check my weekly schedule for any specific meetings or presentations which may require a particular brand to be represented in my attire, so I have that in mind.

Sundays always find me with my to-do list for the week ahead, as I like to hit the ground running on a Monday morning with meetings with my team at Parlour X. Having a thorough agenda for the various facets of the business means we are as prepared as possible for the week ahead and it keeps us all focused, which is vital in a fast-paced environment with so many different aspects [to deal with]."

"Work-wise I always review my planner to get an idea of the week ahead. I scroll through Instagram for outfit inspiration and save screenshots on my phone so I have some inspo already there and waiting when I need to get ready each day. I also like to use my Sunday nights to relax and unwind with a hair and face masque before the busy week."

"For me, Sunday night is about unwinding and preparing for the busy week ahead. I'm very passionate about my beauty regime, so on Sundays I slip into my NATALIJA silk, cleanse, apply a radiance serum followed by a hydrating eye cream. I also like switch my phone to aeroplane mode and get some screen free time by reading a book. At the moment I'm reading Wardrobe Crisis by Clare Press ($30). I'm convinced people need to buy less and buy better! The benefits of a restorative eight hours sleep are manifold so I always try to get an early night, so I'm ready to get right back into it on Monday morning." 

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Opening images: An Organised Life

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