How Sydney's Most Stylish Women Plan Their Outfits

How many times have you accidentally hit snooze on your alarm and left yourself no time to get dressed and out the door? For those days when getting ready is a real chore, a few wardrobe staples and go-tos are essential (because we all have those mornings). But what other tips can you take on to be better prepared to step into an outfit that makes you feel powerful, confident and ready for whatever the day brings?  We’re curious by nature, so we asked six Sydney women with covetable style, how they plan their outfits. Keep scrolling and read the secrets behind their every stylish look.


Vanessa Natoli for Stylerunner

“I lay my outfit out before I go to bed because my mornings are super rushed as I have to get my son Justice and myself out the door by 7 a.m. I usually start with my shoes and then it involves denim or some kind of sports vibe. I'm all about wearing trainers at the moment as there is a lot of running around to do!”


Brooke Testoni

“I always tend to plan my bottoms first. Do I want to wear comfy mum jeans, a tight mini or black pants? The top half will then depends on that. I always choose my accessories last unless I have a new pair of shoes or earrings I am dying to wear. I wish I was organised enough to plan my outfits the night before however unfortunately that is never going to happen… haha.”


Getty Images

“Like most women, I have a full-on schedule which doesn't allow for the luxury of deliberating over outfits every day! I pull together a rough plan for the week on a Sunday evening, depending on what I have scheduled. I ensure I have a functional wardrobe of quality basics that can be worn back with more statement-making pieces, including great shoes and bags. I love a white tee and denim! I'm also a huge fan of Balmain blazers and find they're the best way to instantly pull an outfit 'together'. Basically, for me, it's all about having an organised wardrobe of go-to pieces and planning ahead so I don't have to overthink it every day.”



“I'm pretty untraditional, and usually start with a bottom. I check the weather the night before, and then choose either a skirt or trousers or jeans. The length usually dictates my shoe choice, and then I finish with a top that will either dress up a plain shoe, or dress down a statement shoe. From there I'll add one accessory but never more than that. This is either a classic Calvin Klein watch, a statement earring or a ring.”


Chloe Hill

“I don't spend long thinking about what to wear each day, I just pick a piece I'm loving and base my outfit around it. For example, a new pair of shoes or a cute skirt—that way I have a starting point and throwing together the rest of my look takes just a few seconds.”


Badlands Blog

“I wish I was slightly more organised, but usually I rely on a tightly edited wardrobe to help me pull together last-minute looks in the morning. I start by checking the weather, and then work out whether my day is looking more casual or formal. I try to keep my wardrobe separated by shirts, trousers, jackets etc. so that it's easy to mix and match. Once I have the outfit sorted, I choose shoes and accessories.”



“I always plan my outfit the night before as I work out in the morning. I think about what Mon Purse handbag or clutch I want to wear and then the outfit evolves from there.”

How do you plan your outfits? Let us know in the comments below and then shop these pieces to amp up your style game!

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