I've Already Flown to NYC, L.A., and London This Year—Here's What I Packed

Allyson Payer

We're barely over two months into 2019, and I feel like I've already flown around the world. Well, not quite, but I have clocked plenty of hours at airports this year. With a press trip in London in January, a few days in NYC in February for NYFW (I work remotely from North Carolina), and a vacation to wine country and Los Angeles in March, I feel I've spent hours packing and unpacking over the past couple of months. I absolutely hate packing, but the upside is that there have been plenty of reasons to shop for (and re-wear old favourites) for my travels. 

I'm not necessarily proud of it, but I'm definitely a person who feels the need to do a semi-overhaul of their wardrobe (i.e., add to it) whenever I'm preparing for a trip. They say it's actually a mistake to pack new pieces when travelling, and I certainly see the logic in that, but I love having a few new things to wear on trips. 

The dress codes in London, NYC, and L.A. are quite different, so there wasn't a ton of crossover among what I packed for these trips (but the weather was actually pretty similar, aside from the one-day ice storm in NYC). These varying dress codes made packing more difficult, but at least they made this story more fun.

Keep scrolling to shop some of the best pieces I packed for my recent travels to London, NYC, and L.A.

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