What Fictional Character Is Your Biggest Style Inspiration?

We’ve all been there. You become obsessed with a new TV show, and suddenly, you inexplicably feel that you should start emulating your favourite character because their style is just so good. In retrospect, some of these seem like questionable style icons (we’re looking at you Marissa Cooper), but at the time, the looks they wore felt very relevant. It was hard not to want to copy them (and sometimes, we still do want to copy Marissa Cooper's style). 

Some of the better outfits have stuck with us as the years go by and will probably continue to in years to come—even in small ways. From gold script necklaces, to plaid skirts, some of these looks just feel too iconic to ever abandon. 

One thing to note: many of these characters were aware of the beret trend long before the rest of us caught on. While some of their outfits are unquestionably dated, these fictional style icons still live on in our wardrobe inspiration. Even if it’s just in the form of a black halter top, or pink sunglasses, these characters have inspired our style throughout the years.

Click through the gallery below to find out which fictional characters has shaped your style.


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