My “Boring” Uniform is Actually a Fashion Favourite

Bobby Schuessler

“Well, that’s kind of boring”—not necessarily what you want to hear from someone in reference to your outfit. Here’s the thing, though: When it comes to my uniform, it’s always just black, black, black. Every single day I step out in some iteration of this fit: black pants, top, jacket, and boots. Some people think it’s “cool” and “downtown,” but there are others (ahem, my mother included) who deem the lack of colour and variety as “boring.”

Sure, I can see how many might think of my signature look as “not really trying” with the easy monochromatic vibe, but in reality, my uniform has essentially been a fashion favourite forever. The no-fuss nature of the look has consistently been thought of as “effortlessly chic,” especially among stylish New Yorkers. Plus it makes me (and many others I know) feel comfortable and confident with the sleek feel—and that’s what matters most when it comes to personal style anyway.

To further showcase adoration for the uniform and prove its worth, I rounded up some of my favourite fashion people who often post forward all-black looks that are creative and unique on their IGs. Keep scrolling to get inspired by those that embrace the “boring” look. And remember, when in doubt, just go for black. It works.

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