As fashion journalists and editors, we spend hours each day trawling through hundreds of images of our favourite fashionable femmes (yes, we still pinch ourselves to think that this is part of our job description!). And while each month heaps of directional and daring outfits grab our attention, only a half dozen are inspired enough to make their way into our monthly Styling Tips feature. For today's edition, we were particularly taken with how our stylish and savvy sextet provided some realistic ways to interpret the more conceptual trends from the F/W 09 collections. By making small tweaks and wardrobe additions, you can easily achieve some seriously fresh fall-ready looks! Just read on for some incredibly instructive and user-friendly hints that will serve you well for the upcoming transitional season!

Tip #1: Look for a leather skirt with a prim silhouette.
Though the pencil skirt silhouette is often relegated to the prim-and-proper portion of the style spectrum, this shape has the potential to look rock'n'roll when fashioned from an unexpected material

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