What Women Wear in Lagos, Nigeria

Aemilia Madden

While New York and Paris may have a reputation as the world's fashion capitals, we're here to fill you in on a secret: The fashion world is buzzing about Lagos. Nigeria's capital city is home to up-and-coming fashion lines like Maki Oh and Lisa Folawiyo and is host to its own annual fashion week. Add to all that the fact that the city is bursting with fashionable women who call it home. 

To help you get a feel for Lago's unique sense of style, we talked to five trendsetting women based there. Each called out the vibrance and energy of the city, along with its toasty temperatures. Their recommendation: If you book a trip to Lagos, make sure not to forget sunglasses. Below, you'll find each woman break down her personal take on fashion along with what makes style in their city so unique. Expect no shortage of bright colours and warm-weather outfit ideas, just in time for spring stateside.  

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