The One Style Rule All Fashion Girls Follow

Lauren Eggertsen

There is a preconceived notion going around that in order to create a striking outfit, you need to have a lot going on in your look, but we are here to tell you exactly the opposite. For whatever reason, our brains naturally tell us to avoid pairing pieces together of the same colour—that anything other than a palette of multiple hues is somehow not as interesting. However, there are a handful of bloggers who are making a case for exactly the opposite. 

This season, bloggers have been building their outfits around one shade at a time, resulting in some of the most eye-catching ensembles we have seen in a long time. From blush to green, black to denim-on-denim, these women definitely have us convinced that you can make a bold statement while rocking a monochromatic look, and hopefully, they have you just as convinced.

Scroll down for inspiring monochromatic looks to try this season! 

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