This Is How You Nail Street Style, Every Single Time

Mel Ho
by Mel Ho

Every now and then, we see those truly unique outfits that capture our attention—and lately, the streets of Sydney have been delivering the goods. We spotted some bold fashion moments during Fashion Week Australia, and they were the boundary-pushing looks that inspired us to review our own wardrobes—aka the perfect excuse to indulge in a little more retail therapy.

Style, at its true core, represents the essence and strength of a modern woman—perhaps it’s captured when she puts a feminine spin on a traditional power suit, or it could be when adorned in stunning pieces from the new Tiffany HardWear collection. Whatever it is, there’s nothing more special than that perfect outfit that ignites the feeling of euphoria—the moment of bliss when you’re absolutely head over heels with what you’re wearing. Scroll down to see the lessons that we learnt during Fashion Week Australia, and adopt them yourself everyday.

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