How to Find the Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses to Complement Your Wedding Aesthetic

A few months ago, Stone Cold Fox made some major changes to the brand by cutting out wholesale in an effort to stay true to the brand’s ethos while keeping clothing affordable for customers. And while we were clearly very excited (and inspired) by these changes, little did we know that were more new and exciting things looming on the horizon. Namely: Custom gowns.

While Stone Cold Fox has always made bridesmaid and wedding gowns since its launch in 2009, we have a feeling that this new development is going to change the game. Created with bridesmaids in mind, the customisable collection features a selection of silhouettes available in shiny or matte silk in a range of colours and cuts to flatter every member of the bridal party. Enamoured by the gorgeous gowns, we decided to reach out to the founders, Cydney Morris and Dallas Wand to learn more. Keep scrolling to read what they had to say about the collection, as well as their tips for picking the perfect bridesmaid dresses —we know how hard it can be. Read on for their advice, as well as a hint at what we can expect Morris to wear at her own upcoming wedding.


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What’s the biggest challenge people face when bridesmaids dress shopping?

Finding a dress that everyone feels comfortable and confident in.

How will your custom gowns make the bridesmaids dress shopping process easier for brides-to-be?

We made sure to include a selection of styles that covers everyone's needs. Sleeves, no sleeves, mid-length, full length, fitted, loose. Every Bridesmaid can find a style they would love to wear, and brides can have the option of mixing these styles in the same colour to create their own unique look.


Supplied by Stone Cold Fox

What’s the biggest mistake brides make when choosing a bridesmaid dress?

Picking a dress that makes their bridesmaids feel insecure. You don't want your bridesmaids to be unhappy, worried or uncomfortable on your big day either.

What inspired you to use only silk in the collection?

We wanted to ensure we were delivering only the best quality gowns, and we found the best way to execute that was by using silk.


Supplied by Stone Cold Fox

Why was it important to you guys that the bridesmaid collection be customisable?

We've been making bridesmaid and bridal gowns since we first started Stone Cold Fox in 2009. In fact, when we started, all of our orders were custom orders and requests from brides and bridal parties. As we grew our online store, the demand for our custom bridesmaid gowns grew too. Creating just one bridesmaid style in one colour wasn't enough. Our customers wanted to be able to make their own changes so it felt personal to their wedding. We love making our customers feel special, so we wanted to deliver something that would make planning their wedding a little easier and a little less stressful.

You’ve recently made a few big changes to the brand. Was this always on the horizon, or did it recently crop up naturally?

This is something we have worked on for about a year now. We're a small company, so we wanted to take our time perfecting the collection before delivering it. We're in the testing phase of our first custom gown collection, but we have plenty of other exciting ideas we'd like to introduce in the near future. Cutting out wholesale allowed us to regain personal relationships with our customers so we can focus on what it is they want which has helped to spark some new thoughts and ideas for us.


Supplied by Stone Cold Fox

One trick to finding bridesmaids dresses that compliment the overall aesthetic of the wedding?

Do plenty of research and decide which aesthetic you are aiming for first. Choose a colour scheme that's classic, timeless and will compliment the environment. Pinterest is great for all the inspo you need. Certain venues such as a beach wedding may be more suited to lighter coloured silks and simple or casual styles, whereas somewhere with lots of shade and greenery might generally be suited to darker silks such as our Moss or Navy.

We saw on Instagram that Cydney is recently engaged: Congrats! What does your dream bridal party wardrobe look like?

It will be head-to-toe Stone Cold Fox of course. I plan on making custom dresses for my close friends and family, but I haven't decided what the dress is yet, as I’m unsure of the location and want everything to coincide. My goal would be to have everyone at the wedding in Stone Cold Fox, but well see if I can pull that one off!

Is it just us, or does a wedding entirely dressed by Stone Cold Fox sound like a dream come true? Head over to the brand's website to see the entire collection of custom gowns.

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