What the First-Ever Vegetarian Stan Smith Sneakers Look Like

Erin Fitzpatrick

Stella McCartney 

Stella McCartney has long been a champion of sustainability in fashion, whether it's making Meghan Markle's reception gown out of eco-friendly viscose or creating biodegradable sneakers. Her latest venture? Reimagining the classic Adidas Stan Smith sneakers in her signature vegetarian leather. The new sneakers are part of McCartney's ongoing partnership with Adidas, which first began 13 years ago (in case there was any doubt that she led the way in fashion and athletic collaborations).

"Leather-free and suitable for vegetarians without sacrificing on style or straying from the original design, Stella #stansmith reflects Stella McCartney’s signature details," the press release reads. "Paying homage to Stan Smith, his face remains printed on the tongue of the right shoe while Stella’s portrait and signature adorn the left foot." Scroll down to preview the new shoes, which will retail for $325 and debut September 10 in honour of McCartney's birthday week.

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