Top Off Your New Year's Eve Look With These Festive Necklaces

Hands down, one of the easiest ways to elevate any holiday look is with a statement necklace. Your New Year's Eve party outfit is no exception. If there is one accessory you should reach for this season, this would be the one. Basically, the beauty of a great necklace is that it can take even the simplest of black dresses to the next level, which is a godsend for those short on time to find a look and to those that really just love an easy dressing tip. With so many styles available at a variety of price points you are guaranteed to find one that works perfectly with your outfit and your budget.

Interested in what It girls will be wearing this year? Our guess is a layered coin or medallion necklace or two or three—The look is effortless and goes great with a plunging or open neckline. Bonus points if you have something personalized. If your approach to style is more on the classic side, try a pearl or solo tassel option. For the all-out party girl, we recommend exploring some sort of crystal-encrusted piece. You could go with either a standout crystal fringe design or go more '90s-inspired with a sparkly crystal choker.

Scroll on to shop our top statement necklace picks that are spot-on for New Year's Eve.

The rainbow trend in jewelry is huge right now.

Layered coin and medallion necklaces are some of our favorites.

This investment piece is party-ready no matter the season.

We picture wearing this with a plunge neckline.

This preppy and polished pick would look great with a little black dress. 

Taking the coin pendant look to the next level.

Can you imagine the possibilities? You could even wear this over a tee for a cool look.

Are you catching on to our crystal fringe obsession?

We love a heavy chain look in a necklace.

Who else is getting elevated late '90s vibes?

This adds a layer of metallic texture to any look.

This crystal style is model-approved.

This is an easy way to get the layered look we swear by.

A tasseled necklace is great for more revealing necklines.

This adds a crazy cool shimmer to any NYE outfit.

More rainbow goodness to choose from with this bold piece.

Resin is another big trend of the moment, especially when it's transparent.

Yes, yes, yes, to this pretty pink feathery piece. 

Here is a great option for those that are looking for a long chain design.

Meet all the other stylish necklaces we are loving for holiday outfits this season.

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