The Empowering Music Duo That Isn't Afraid to Push Beauty Standards

Allyson Payer

Adrienne Raquel for Byrdie

Our sister site Byrdie recently had the pleasure of chatting with Atlanta-based duo St. Beauty, and today, shared their inspiring story, along with stunning exclusive images, as part of Byrdie's new series Stranded. As powerful as the soulful, eclectic sound of St. Beauty members Alex Belle and Isis Valentino is, their stunning looks are equally so. Both women fully embrace their hair's natural texture, styling it in ways that would make Diana Ross proud. 

Byrdie Editorial Director Faith Xue, who penned the story, remarked that both women felt liberated when they made the decision to stop fighting nature with constant heat styling and accept their hair in its natural state. Belle told her, "I definitely felt empowered," adding, "I was just like, This is me! When you feel like yourself and you don’t care about what people think about your hair—that’s empowering." Belle also stated, "I think that there are a lot more black women now embracing their blackness and being unafraid to show it." To hear more from this stunning musical duo, and to see their equally stunning original shoot, head over to Byrdie!

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