6 Outfits That Are Inspiring My Upcoming Spring Vacation

It's that time of the year when my seasonal depression starts itching for a beach vacation. Even if it's a couple of months off, my spirit thrives off of the idea that a warm-weather escape is on the horizon. But while some people get giddy over planning itineraries, my favorite part about an upcoming getaway is planning exactly what I'm going to wear, down to my socks. 

As a meticulous packer, I enjoy mapping out my outfits well in advance to ensure my entire vacation can feel as carefree as possible. I like leaving my activities up to spontaneity, my outfits less so. So now that I've mentally propped open my suitcase, I'm ready to throw together the perfect spring vacation packing list. And where better to find outfit inspo than from those whose style I admire most? Keep scrolling to see the six looks I plan on copying to a T during my next trip.

Beachside vacations are one of the few times I allow myself to indulge in color. No one is more disappointed than I am that I couldn't find these tie-dye denim culottes anywhere. But that's not going to stop me from making a DIY attempt. Now to find some dyes…

A chunky sweater thrown over a light slip dress is just what balmy evenings call for. I love that this look easily transitions from day to night.

This ensemble reminds me of the beach scenes almost every late '90s/early '00s boy band was required to add to their music videos. And it's exactly the aesthetic I'm looking for. Bucket hat? Check. Unbuttoned shirt floating in the breeze? Check. All that's missing is a lead heartthrob to croon over.

My new ideal roaming-around-town outfit. I love the way the semi-formal maxi dress is dressed down with a simple baseball hat and square-toe flip-flops. This outfit is perfect for those days when you don't have a set plan. You can easily wear it to the local markets, a sit-down lunch, and the beach, all without ever having to run back to your Airbnb to change.

Oftentimes, the best outfits are the simplest ones. Here, Cass Dimicco dresses up a basic romper with a few key accessories that turn the athleisure piece into an expensive-looking ensemble. If a romper isn't on your packing list, you can achieve this the same effect with a black one-piece swimsuit or a black tank–and–bike short set. 

For those dedicated beach days, why not plan your entire outfit around your swimwear? If covering up your bottom half with a full-length sarong feels too conservative, try a similar styling tip to the one above and tie a neck scarf around your waist instead.

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