The Freshest Spring Style Ideas for Women Size 14 and Up

Although we’re still technically in the season of bundling up in puffers and fuzzy coats, what really warms our hearts is the knowledge that spring is almost upon us. We’re more than ready to strip off the bulky layers and trade out our thick knits for some spring-ready styles—especially those of us on the East Coast who’ve had a taste of it this week. Therefore, we went ahead and started breaking down what specifically we’re excited to wear.

Obviously, spring trends for the size 14+ set are the same as those who wear sizes 0 to 12. The difference, however, is how much more challenging the shopping can be. So, consider the below your sartorial guide and shortcut to the newest trends—no digging around necessary. We’ve scoured the market to bring you only the coolest, most current picks to keep your new seasonal wardrobe exciting.

The Trend: Mellow Yellow

Every season has a statement shade that rises above the rest, and yellow is absolutely having its moment in the sun. The lemony hue immediately brightens up any outfit, so give it a chance to shine by pairing it with your favorite neutrals, or go head-to-toe glow with a monochrome masterpiece.

The Trend: Into the Trenches

Spring weather can be spotty. One day it's steamy enough to go sleeveless, the next it's a torrential downpour. Clearly, you can't store all your outerwear away just yet, and this year especially, we suggest keeping a timeless trench close by. Bonus: If classic style isn't your thing, swap out the sash with your favorite statement belt.

The Trend: Mad for Plaid

Plaid is typically a fall perennial, but it’s making a surprising splash this spring. Although there are many types of plaid, the front-runner this season is glen plaid, aka Prince of Wales check. This paler plaid pairs perfectly with pastels as well as vibrant hues.

The Trend: Lavender Dreams

It might be the Ultra Violet effect, but lately we’ve been tickled, well, purple over this pretty pale pigment. While all pastels seem appropriate in the springtime, we’re bumping this lovely lavender to the top of our list.

The Trend: Get Dotty

Polka dots are fairly ubiquitous in fashion, but this season’s take is timeless. Whether micro or mega, go for a classic black-and-white spot. For those who crave a mixed-print moment, pair with a contrasting black-and-white print like stripes or chevron.

The Trend: A Little Off

With the proliferation of cold shoulders and high-low hems in seasons past, it’s not surprising that those trends have evolved into asymmetric necklines and hemlines. However, instead of a subtle swoop, it’s all about contrasting cuts. Look for sharp angles and clashing straps to really land this trend.

Opening Image: And I Get Dressed