The Trends We Guarantee You Won't Regret Investing in This Spring

Amanda Bardas

Do you have a major urge to shop all of a sudden? We do, and we’re blaming it on the season change. The shops are calling your name, but before you give in and make impulse purchases you’ll certainly regret, we’ve narrowed down the top five trends you need to try this season (and trust us, we’ve given it a lot of thought). These are the pieces that will give your wardrobe the update that it needs.

By now, you’ve probably given your wardrobe that much-needed spring clean, and if you’re really organised, you’ll have a list of pieces you need to keep, toss, and store, so you can make room for new-season purchases. So if you’re really ready to shop, keep scrolling, we have the five pieces to buy this season that you won’t regret.

Illustrations by Jason Bardas.
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