The One Spring Staple Women in NYC, Paris, and London Can't Live Without

What makes fashion so exciting is seeing how worldwide the approach for style varies—the staples and trends beloved by Tokyo’s fashion set are different from those beloved by Milanese. But no matter where one resides in the world or what’s trending for the season, come springtime, there’s always one tried-and-true staple that’s always relevant: trench coats. You’ll see the fashion set donning a trench coat outfit season after season. Trenches are by no means some groundbreaking piece, but they are by far the most versatile staple you can invest in. Not only do they come in so many colors, prints, and textures, but with so many various design elements, they can be styled with anything, worn anywhere, and incorporated into any wardrobe.

Trench coats are the spring staple—they’re that one piece you purchase and wear for the rest of your life. But if you’re not sold yet on the power of this staple, keep reading. 

Ahead you’ll find 12 trench coat styling ideas from New Yorkers, Parisians, and Londoners, along with shopped out some of the best spring trench coats to buy right now. If these ensembles and trenches don’t make you realize that living without this staple is unbearable, nothing will. 

spring trench coat outfit



Styling Tip: The best thing about trench coats? They make anything feel fancy—see proof above. Pairing your favorite sweats with a corset top, sneakers, and a trench is perfect for pulling off the feeling of rolling out of bed without looking like you did.

I can’t think of a better top to layer underneath a trench.

Styling Tip: Don’t be afraid to spice up this staple by pairing it with more sultry pieces (i.e., a crop top and miniskirt). It’s the perfect balance of layering and showing a little skin for the springtime.

Shop the look:

Trust me when I say, this coat is worth every penny.

Imagine how cute this skirt would look under a trench coat. 

spring trench coat outfit



Styling Tip: The most surefire way to make your tried-and-true trench pop this spring is by playing with hemlines. Whether you opt to style it with a miniskirt or a maxi dress over jeans, the name of the game is all about playing with hem lengths and layers to add depth to this piece.

Shop the look:

This sweaterdress would look so great styled under a trench or over jeans. 

Styling Tip: The simplest way to stay warmer on a chilly spring day is by adding a trench coat to your ensemble. We recommend layering it over a crew-neck sweater, oversize trousers, and loafers for a cozy yet chic look.

Shop the look:

This trench can be styled with just about anything.

I love the idea of loafers and trenches styled together—it’s just so chic. 

Styling Tip: Are you looking to get more wear out of your beloved knit set? Style it with a trench coat, and suddenly you’ve got the perfect outfit for a stroll around the garden.

Shop the look:

The exaggerated collar on this coat is fabulous.

Styling Tip: If you want to glean the most from this wardrobe staple, don’t be afraid to lean into it and pair it with a head-to-toe tailored look in monochrome tones.

Shop the look:

This blazer would look so good underneath a trench coat. 

spring trench coat outfit



Styling Tip: Pair your trusted trench coat with a pair of white jeans, a tank, and sandals for a chic yet straightforward spring ensemble. 

Shop the look:

I’m obsessed with the darker brown hue on this trench. 

You’ll wear these jeans just as much as you wear your trench coat this spring.

spring trench coat outfit



Styling Tip: The easiest way to make your trench coat shine even more is by opting for a head-to-toe monochrome look (ideally in leather). Promise you won’t regret it.

Shop the look:

These boots would look so good with a trench coat.

spring trench coat outfit



Styling Tip: Take this as a reminder that trenches don’t just have to come in camel and chocolate hues, the black trench coat is just as beloved by stylish women around the world. Whether you opt for a leather trench or a cotton version of this jacket, you can’t go wrong with this spring staple in this classic hue.

Shop the look:

You'd never guess this trench was from Amazon because it's that good. 

Styling Tip: Prefer color over neutrals? Lucky for you, colorful leather trenches aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Opt for a coat in your favorite bright hue—bonus points if you pair it with a colorful printed set.

Shop the look:

I’m a sucker for a colorful leather trench.

Is it just me, or would this set make a trench coat pop off?

spring trench coat outfit



Styling Tip: Capes are notoriously seen as the staple piece of heroes, but really, it should be the trench coat. Whenever you’re in a rush to get out of the house, you can literally throw it over a piece as simple as a slip dress, and suddenly you’re serving a look. It is every Parsian’s unsung wardrobe hero.

Shop the look:

This will look great over any slip dress.

BRB, going to dream of wearing this under a trench coat for the rest of the day. 

Styling Tip: Remember that when in doubt, simple is always better when it comes to styling a trench coat. You can pair it with your beloved jeans and T-shirt, and you’ll look effortlessly polished—that’s the magic of the piece. Whether you live in London, Paris, New York, or anywhere else, this jacket is a must-have for any and every occasion.

Shop the look:

This trench is just so *chef’s kiss.*

These jeans are as beloved by our editors as trench coats.

Shop more trench coats for spring:

I’m dreaming of wearing this on a rainy spring day. 

Mango didn’t come to play with this stunning white trench.

It doesn’t get more spring-ready than this pistachio green–hued coat.

Okay, but the shorter hem on this trench is a vibe.

Imagine this with an all-white suit—chic right?

Sundarbay’s outerwear is beloved by the fashion set.

A floral-embroidered trench coat? Groundbreaking.

The pop of plaid on this coat makes it all the more special. 

Just when you thought trench coats couldn't get better, this chocolate satin brown number exists. 

You can wear this linen trench coat well into the summertime. 

A shiny patent trench coat is the staple you didn’t even know you needed. 

This jacket is too affordable to pass up.

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