Here Are 7 Trends to Buy Before It's Too Late

Lauren Eggertsen

Collage Vintage

It's hard to believe, but winter is almost here. With the finish line within arm's reach, it's time we start thinking about what our wardrobes will look like. Will any of your favourite 2018 trends still be relevant? What about the trends from last year that you haven't had time to buy yet but still want to? Are they even worth it? Did you miss the boat?

There are definitely some 2018 trends we would advise against buying, as it might be a tad late, but that's not true for all of them. Ahead, we have rounded up the seven trends from last year that will be even cooler this 2019. Some of the items below might surprise you while others will have you letting out a huge sigh of relief. Ready to shop the trends worth buying before autumn 2019 comes? Keep scrolling.

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