Bucket Boots: The Only Shoes We Want to Wear With Skinny Jeans RN 

Lauren Eggertsen

Big news for a Thursday: Emily Ratajkowski just stepped out in a boot trend we have been dying to try but weren't quite sure how to wear: bucket boots. Bucket boots hit right below the knee and widen around the calf creating a bucket-like shape. The larger opening around the base of the knee makes this boot trend a bit trickier to style, but thanks to EmRata, we now have the ultimate outfit idea at the ready. 

Emily paired her bucket boots with a classic Canadian tuxedo consisting of an oversize denim jacket and skinny jeans. Not sure why we didn't think of it before, but skinny jeans make for the perfect counterpart to the shape of these boots. The denim style easily tucks into the shoes, ultimately creating a no-fuss ensemble while showing off the cool nature of the footwear. A win-win? We think so. We shopped out the exact boots (they're Dear Frances) Emily wore plus the other two colours they come in. Since we know it can be difficult to find fresh ways to style your skinny jeans, we highly recommend adding these boots into the mix for an autumn skinny jean outfit that's easy, breezy, and beautiful. 

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