Trust Us, Olivia Palermo Is Your Spring Racing Style Inspo

Amanda Stavropoulos

Olivia Palermo never leaves the house looking less than flawless—making her the perfect role model for spring racing style. The Spring Racing Carnival is one of the few calendar events of the year that gives us an excuse to really ‘dress up’. Sure, we have weddings, engagement parties, and work events, but racing is different—it’s filled with tradition that has remained in-tact for over 50 years, and it’s our duty to maintain it.

You’ll never see Palermo with her shoes in hand stumbling out of a car—she’s classy, elegant, and always gets the dress code right—which is why she’s our ultimate spring racing style inspiration. Nailing the dress code is important—turning up to Derby Day in an orange dress will make you feel like you’re standing out for all the wrong reasons.

We’ve taken four of Palermo’s best looks, and matched them to the biggest racing days on the calendar. Keep scrolling to read about the four major race days, and what to wear to each.

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