The Dos and Don'ts of Spring Racing Style for Women

Pull out those hat boxes from the back of your wardrobe because it's spring racing time again. The time where hibernating on the weekends is no longer a thing and going out and being social with your mates is. Plus, who doesn't love an excuse to dress up? While the intention is not necessarily to win Fashions on the Field, it's more about looking smart, sophisticated, and photo-ready. To feed our inspiration to this, we asked Sydney-based stylist Jessica Pecoraro to give us some pointers on the dos and don'ts of spring racing.

Georgia Fowler Spring Racing Style



WHO: Georgia Fowler

Now traditionally, we know the drill of the races, wear a flattering dress, a stand-out hat, and most importantly comfortable heels. (We know for a fact that heels like the low heel mule and the block heel will be crowd favourites this year, as well as playing on any gelato-coloured footwear that is most accepting on the turf.) But Pecoraro has worked on race dressing with a number of celebrities, such as Jesinta Franklin, as well as It girls Sarah Ellen and Isabelle Cornish, so she knows a thing or two about getting it very, very right.

Keep scrolling to read Pecoraro's dos and don'ts and to shop beautiful pieces in preparation for race day.


  1. Avoid felt hats for seasons other than winter. Keep it seasonal for spring with straw hats instead.
  2. Instead of a revealing style like a strapless or a backless dress, keep things traditional and opt for a conservative style. You can still look amazing without showing skin. Key tip: Leave more to the imagination. 
  3. Again, keep things traditional with a suitable length skirt and avoid super short dresses. Try to aim for at least mid-thigh.
Monika Radulovic Spring Racing Style



WHO: Monika Radulovic


  1. Don't be afraid of colour. Pastel, brights and prints are all spring racing appropriate. 
  2. Suit up with a tailored blazer and a wide leg pant. This is a great alternative to a dress. 
  3. Less is more. Take this into consideration for your accessories, while keeping hair chic and simple, and your makeup minimal.

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