Calling It: These 7 Pretty Lip Colors Will Be All the Rage Really Soon

There's something about fresh lip colors that really gets me going. I can't be alone on this, right? Of course, changes over the last year have prompted a heavier emphasis on eye makeup and other areas of the upper face that remain visible while we're wearing face masks, but swiping on a satin lipstick or a creamy gloss is still highly satisfying. And who cares if the only ones who will see it are on the other end of a Zoom call? Not me.

All this is to say that there's no reason why this seasonal shift can't still spark its usual lip-color wardrobe switch-up. To my surprise, it would appear that fashion girls agree! Whenever my favorite influencers unmask for candid shots at home or while socially distanced on the street, the colors that pop from their pouts make just as much of a statement as the sartorial trends draped over their bodies. It's an unexpected phenomenon I've been noticing all year, and the only explanation I can think of is that the novelty of lip color has reached new heights. Keep scrolling to see the seven lip colors the fashion set is already obsessed with that are sure to catch fire by the time the flowers bloom this spring.

Blotted Red

Spring Lip Colors 2021: @emmanuellek_



There's nothing more classic than a bold red lip, but the dramatic shade tends to gain more traction during the colder months. Well, the fashion set is ushering red lips into spring by skipping lip liner and opting for a more relaxed look complete with a blotted, diffused finish.

Spring Lip Colors 2021: @babba


Spring Lip Colors 2021: @anaasaber



Lip gloss is always a good idea, and since 2021 is basically diet 1997, it's definitely time to infuse some glass back into your makeup repertoire. This season, try semi-sheer finishes that impart a shiny, blurring effect over the lips. Since any color payoff will be subtle, you won't have to worry about it smearing underneath your face mask.

Spring Lip Colors 2021: @annasarlvit



Diffused Berry

There's no makeup more mask friendly than a lip stain. And thankfully, the diffused look it creates is a fashion-girl favorite that looks gorgeous on everyone. So far, it appears berry-like shades of pink and red are taking over, cueing the start of that freshly bitten lip look that always makes its way to the forefront during warm seasons.

Pale Mauve

In keeping with the pastel theme that descends upon spring every year like clockwork, pale, barely-there mauve colors are here to make your lips resemble a seasonal floral arrangement. Whether matte or glossy, this hue is so pretty and complementary to so many skin tones.

Spring Lip Colors 2021: @emmanuellek_
Spring Lip Colors 2021: @brosiaaa



I haven't been able to get orange lipstick out of my head since laying eyes on the marigold-colored lip lacquer from the inaugural range of Hermès lipsticks. Apparently, I'm not alone because pops of orange from salmon to terracotta keep showing up on the mouths of the most stylish people online. I'm so ready for this!

Shades of Brown

Spring Lip Colors 2021: @chrissyford



As previously stated, the '90s are back. One telltale sign that keeps showing up in the beauty sphere is the resurgence of the color brown. First, it was nail polish, and now, brown lipstick is everywhere, too. From molten chocolate shades to toasted caramel and deep beige, there's something for everyone. 

Petal Pink

Nothing says spring like a pretty pink lip. But it's not that overly saccharine, bubblegum shade that's making its way around this year. Instead, opt for more subtle hues that resemble a natural yet vivid wash of color.

Spring Lip Colors 2021: @claire_most


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