5 Spring Trends I'm Not Waiting Around to Buy—or Wear

It happens every year. We’re in the dead of winter, it’s 39 degrees outside (at least in NYC), dressing in layers is the name of the game, yet all anyone can focus on is spring trends. Blame it on fashion week’s impending arrival, or the fact that S/S 19 collections are what all our favorite designers are sprinkling into retailers right now, but whatever the reason, it can seriously play with this fashion editor’s emotions. After all, how can I focus on staying warm when all I want to wear is bike shorts and sandals?

I might have to hold off on busting out the floss heels until the temperatures rise or a tropical vacation magically appears on my calendar, but there are still plenty of spring trends I can start buying—and wearing—now. Just what are they? Keep scrolling to find out, see how some of our favorite girls are already wearing the trends, and of course, shop them for yourself.