Date-Night Outfits That Are Actually No-Brainers

Anna LaPlaca

What you wear on date night varies so much depending on what the date entails and what kind of vibe you're going for. Maybe you're grabbing a casual dinner and don't want to come off trying too hard, or maybe you're meeting at that trendy new spot in town and want to dress the part. No matter the context of the date, we often find ourselves asking, What's the right balance between not "trying too hard" but still impressing the other person? A question we have a feeling there's no one answer to.

To take the unnecessary mental hurdle out of putting together the perfect date-night ensemble, simply re-create one of these outfits that are just waiting for you to copy and paste into your life. While we're not reinventing the wheel by any means here, we're sharing the outfits that seem both aspirational and achievable to us (in our opinion, the ideal qualities in a perfect street style look). 

And let's face it, you probably already have most of the pieces in your closet right now to put together the majority of these date-night outfits. All we had to do was bring it to your attention. If the date goes well, you can thank us later.

We asked our resident French girl to weigh in on her refreshing approach to date-night dressing.

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