I'm Dressing for Spring With Just 6 Pieces

Anna LaPlaca

The capsule wardrobe is usually best suited for light travel or instances where you have limited space to store your clothes. We love the the concept for its simplicity and intentionality when it comes to picking out what to wear. But there are certain instances when the capsule wardrobe seems impractical. Spring is one of those times, at least for me. With seemingly endless trends, fresh colours, and prints to choose from, why would anyone opt to limit what they wear during this explosively stylish time of year?

To tackle the challenge, I decided to create my own spring capsule wardrobe, but not the boringly simple composition of tees and plain dresses one might imagine. Instead, I handpicked six pieces with trends, and of course versatility, in mind to make up the majority of my outfits this spring. So full disclosure: I will obviously wear pieces outside of this list, but the general idea is that by starting with a curated assortment of pieces, I can mix in my other staples—pieces it's safe to say you all have, too—like plain T-shirts and sneakers to create the maximum number of looks with the minimum amount of shopping. And yes, this approach has done wonders for my wallet, too.

This light capsule wardrobe is how I plan to get by this spring, but if you're craving even more outfit inspiration, look no further.

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