Experts Told Us Which Jeans Are In and Out This Autumn

Allyson Payer

As the weather is cooling down, it's an enduring fact that fashion girls can't live without denim year-round. But with a change in seasons comes a change in trends, so per usual, we turned to the experts to fill us in on the denim that's in and out for autumn 2017. While boyfriend and skinny jeans are always a hot topic, this season, denim designers are buzzing about a few other styles that feel a bit more directional than those classics.

We can absolutely acknowledge that denim is a very personal thing and everyone has their preferences depending on what suits their wardrobes and their bodies the best. That said, being tuned in to both the latest denim trends and which ones feel a bit dated just might lead you to a new favourite style to add into the mix. Ready to hear what the experts have to say?

Keep scrolling to find out which denim styles are in and out for autumn!

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