19 Beauty Items Stylists Would Buy at CVS vs. 20 They'd Buy at Sephora

So you've found your way to another splurge versus save beauty roundup. But this one is different. Instead of pitting drugstore and luxury products against each other or coming up with a list of dupes, this time we wanted to see what would happen if we (hypothetically) sent eight of our favorite fashion, makeup, and hairstylists into a CVS and then into a Sephora and told them they could buy whatever they wanted. The result is this list of 41 products.

Here we have the holy-grail makeup, skincare, hair care, and other miscellaneous items Hollywood's go-to fashion and beauty gurus shop at two wildly different retailers. Keep scrolling to see their beauty secret weapons, from $5 eyeliners to $88 facial peels, and everything in between.