The New Splendid x Margherita Collab Is Here—Shop Our Picks

We’ve always admired Margherita Missoni for her fearless Italian-girl style (if you’re not following her on Instagram at @mmmargherita, you’re missing out on some seriously fun outfit inspo). Bright colours, playful patterns, statement accessories? She’s game for all of it and clearly prefers dressing on the bolder side of the fashion spectrum.

When we heard she’d be teaming up with Splendid for another collab—this one dropping just in time for the holidays—we instantly began dreaming of festive apparel. What we got IRL? The perfect blend of the comfy, casual pieces we know and love from Splendid, plus Missoni’s unique colour-infused flair. We should probably also mention that the collection is super affordable, starting at only $59. We were fortunate to chat with the designer herself about her inspiration for the line, as well as the one item she says is a must-have for the holidays.

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