So This Is What the Spice Girls Have Been Working on Together


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There's been one question on everyone's mind as of late: What in the world are the Spice Girls really up to these days? After Victoria Beckham posted a mysterious Instagram back in February, everyone was hoping a reunion tour was in the works. But she eventually set the record straight, sharing with British Vogue, "I'm not going on tour. The girls aren't going on tour." Fast-forward to this past week, and we may have found some concrete answers.

Variety recently reported that the Spice Girls are set to lend both their voices and likeness to a new animated superhero movie "working off of the 'girl power' message." Each of the five women will play—i.e., voice over—a character with powers unique to her personality. Consider us impressed.

A source also shared with Variety that the group is "fired up about the idea" and "thinking big in terms of a franchise on a global scale. They're the most successful girl group on the planet. It's just what Marvel or Disney needs."

The last film the Spice Girls starred in together was the 1997 live-action feature Spice World, and it goes without saying that this '90s classic is chock-full of "girl power" moments the animated movie could take note of. Stay tuned as we learn more about the group's latest project. Until then, revisit the gem Spice World below.

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