Special-Occasion Jewellery You'll Want to Wear Every Single Day

by Who What Wear

We can find no reason not to wear fancy shoes with our favourite go-to jeans or style a dress we wore to a wedding one weekend with a pair of sneakers for brunch the following. So why not take the same approach with our special-occasion jewellery?

Statement earrings and sparkly baubles of all sorts might elevate an ensemble for a fancy affair, but if you’re not also finding ways to sprinkle them into every other outfit you wear, well, that’s a missed opportunity in our book. In this spirit, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite pieces of special-occasion jewellery that we’d argue could be worn for every other occasion: black tie to a bodega run, anniversary dinner to annual checkup. No event will seem too mundane to sport these “special occasion” designs. Scroll down to shop them all.

Opening Image: A Love Is Blind

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