The Cool New T-Shirts We Want in Every Single Colour

It's practically fact that you can never have too many T-shirts in your closet. Wouldn't you agree? And if you find a particular style and shape that you really love (one that withstands time and trends), then why not stock up on a few of them in various colours? That's where British brand Sørensen (and its impressive assortment of classic, timeless tees) comes in.

Sørensen's clothing—from the shirts to the jackets—is quiet and effortless, and follows a design approach aimed at cutting through the noise of fashion's tricky, ever-changing territory, one that has become "a minefield of rapid-fire trends and contrived uniforms that often lack depth, integrity, or any personal connection," per the brand website.

In the hopes of bringing back fashion rooted in a sense of purpose, Wayne Sørensen, founder of Sørensen, looked to seven archetypal professions—a driver, dancer, engineer, painter, butcher, officer, and seafarer—and their core values as his main source of inspiration. The result? A T-shirt inspired by the "focus and agility of a professional driver"—the Driver Contrast T-shirt ($105)—or a sweatshirt that references the "discipline and strength of an elite dancer"—the Dancer Sweatshirt ($203). Sounds pretty cool, no?

And while technically catered the men, the pieces in this collection definitely earn a spot in everyone’s wardrobe rotation. After all, they are timeless and tell quite an intriguing story, don't you think? We'll take one of each (and in every colour), please! Now, read on to shop a few of our favourite pieces from the brand.

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