You'll Want Sofia Richie's $77 Sneakers in Every Colour

One of our favourite It girls of the moment, Sofia Richie, has two major signature styles: classic sneakers and a cool pair of sunglasses. And with even the quickest scroll through some of her best style moments, you'll see the 19-year-old fashion model rarely leaves the house without them—and for good reason. The pieces are easy to wear and instantly elevate any look. Wouldn't you agree?

Recently spotted out in Los Angeles, Richie took to the streets sporting a pair of light-wash baggy jeans and a simple white Cotton Citizen sweatshirt. Of course, we immediately zeroed in on her choice of eyewear—Balenciaga's ever-popular thin, rectangular sunglasses—and her sneakers: some white Vans that are actually quite affordable.

Ringing in just under $80 ($77 AUD, to be exact), the skate shoes are available in a few colours, and while we like Richie's choice of classic white, we can definitely see every option—from the navy blue to the all-black iteration—in our shoe closets. Read on to see Sofia Richie's full look and then shop the Vans Old Skool sneakers for yourself.

Which version is your favourite?

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