Do You Agree? Sofia Richie Has Made Ugg Boots Look 10/10

If you want to spark a style debate, it’s as easy as mentioning the word “Ugg”. Despite being constantly berated for being ugly and giving off pajama-esque vibes, we’re willing to bet even the haters out there have owned Ugg boots at some point or another. They’re the shoe we love to hate, yet somehow, Uggs have proven to be the shoe that will never die.

Despite being widely acknowledged as less-than-fashionable, they have been spotted time and time again on stylish celebrities including Gigi Hadid, Kate Middleton, and Victoria Beckham—to name a select few.  Whether it’s the comfort factor or high school nostalgia that keeps drawing us back to the shoe, one thing is certain: it’s not about to be eradicated anytime soon.

Further proof for the staying power that Uggs have? Sofia Richie just posted a photo on Instagram of her in the boots, and we must admit… she actually does look pretty stylish, despite the footwear choice. Pairing the boots with other neutral colours, Richie’s look comes across as minimalist, not tacky.  By wearing the boots with a backpack and loosely fitted clothes, Richie creates a cosy-casual look. Perhaps that is why it works so well; she has captured the essence of why we love Uggs, and reflected it in her entire outfit. While it’s definitely not a “polished” look, it still comes across as put-together in a relaxed way.


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