The Sophisticated Trend Everyone's Wearing With Sneakers

There's one slightly unexpected pairing that seems to be on everyone's minds this season: teaming work-friendly trousers with more casual sneakers.

Throwing on the comfortable shoe style with suit pants is no longer reserved for those commuting to and from the office. Sneakers are now the main attraction, meant to be worn even in the boardroom. But there's no one shoe that fits all here. The fashion crowd has proven that even the most functionally driven sneakers are fair game. The six outfits ahead bring a whole new meaning to business casual. With each bringing their own twist to the trend, feel free to save every one of the following looks the next time you need a little inspiration.

Performance Sneakers

Consider this the ultimate urban-commuter look. If your performance-geared sneakers can be paired with flared trousers and an oversize denim jacket, they can look good with just about anything.

Whether intentional or not, we love the '50s throwback vibe we're getting from the rolled trouser pants styled over a pair of All-Star high-tops. These classic sneakers have withstood the test of time. The fact that they can blend in just as well with high-waisted pants and a cropped cardigan means they plan on hanging around for a while longer.

Slip-On Sneakers

Suit pants, meet skate sneakers. In theory, these two things shouldn't work together, yet here we are. Attempt a similar look by matching a classic suit print (e.g., checks or pinstripes) with checkerboard slip-ons. To keep the look in the casual-cool neighborhood, keep the rest of the ensemble similarly low-key with a basic hoodie and a fitted hat. 

The '80s Throwback Sneakers

What goes around comes around, and popular '80s sneaker styles are definitely coming back in hot. New Balance's 990v5 have been taking over our Instagram feeds (name one influencer who hasn't been seen in them—I'll wait), but the best way to wear them might be with a similarly '80s-inspired power suit.

The ultimate fashion sneakers, Nike's Air Force 1s have proven themselves to be style chameleons. Case in point, they look just as at home worn with straight-leg trousers as they do with a pair of basketball shorts. 

Tread-Sole Sneakers

I've been hesitant to hop on the treaded-sneaker trend train. I'm not sure if it's Anne Johannsen's blinding confidence that the shoe can be cool or this brilliant monochrome look distracting me from the sneakers' chunky soles, but consider me convinced. 

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