The 20 Coolest Small Backpack Purses to Buy this Winter 

Whether you're heading somewhere tropical for a beach-side getaway, exploring a new city, or simply spending the day walking around your hometown, a small backpack purse is must-have. Because when your hands are, well, free and unrestricted by having to actually hold a handbag, everything becomes a whole lot easier—from snapping photos with your trusty iPhone camera to perusing through the racks of clothing in local shops.

Ahead we've curated an edit of some of the coolest small backpack purses currently shoppable at some of our favourite retailers. Whether you're looking for a refined or classic version, a sporty iteration, or one crafted from rattan (the thin pliable stems of a palm), we've found it all. So get your credit cards ready and get to investing in one (or two) of these handy, hands-free bags.

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