7 Slimming Rules You Can Learn from Street Style

Amanda Bardas

Everyone knows that a pair of heels will instantly make you look and feel slimmer, but what other clever styling tricks exist to help you look and feel your best? That's where we come in. There are certain pieces that can highlight the areas you want to highlight, or work in reverse to disguise the parts you don't. 

They're the items (or styling tricks) you can rely on when you're having a 'blah' day (like when you've skipped the gym or had one too many burgers over the weekend). It's easy to reach for the same outfits every day, but sometimes you need that 'lift'. We've studied some of our favourite street style moments from fashion month, to show you the slimming tricks you can learn from each.

Take note of these tips, and you'll be ready for your own street style moment. Keep scrolling!

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