Fashion People Everywhere Style These Boots With Skinny Jeans

Bobby Schuessler

Whether you’ve been feeling knee-high boots or not (we know they can seem daunting to pull off), the silhouette is more or less a staple in a fashion person’s wardrobe these days. Seriously, if you were to open the shoe closet of said style setter, chances are you’d spot this boot silhouette front and center next to other classic must-haves like booties, pumps, and sneakers.

While I was scrolling through Instagram recently to uncover new outfit ideas to wear with knee-high boots, it became clear that most fashion girls consistently style them with skinny jeans. This really does make perfect sense when you think about it. The slim nature of the pants means they tuck perfectly into boots without a lot of bunching for a streamlined vibe. To showcase what we mean, we rounded up seven It girls wearing knee-high boots and skinny jeans to inspire you to test out the look—if you haven’t already, of course.

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