9 Surprisingly Simple Brunch Outfits


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Is there any better social activity or meal that we love more than brunch? Blame it on Sex and the City and all their brunch debates, but if finding a way to combine our love for friendship and avocado toast (and mimosas) is wrong, we don’t want to be right. Plus, putting together stylish brunch outfits isn’t half bad either.

While brunch used to be a casual get-together with your closest friends, we have no doubt that in the age of Instagram, there will be at least one snap of your crew (and who can resist creating a Boomerang of those glasses clinking?). So to help ensure that you’re the chicest one in the restaurant and on the ’gram, you’ll want to check out the chic brunch outfits we’ve gathered for you.

From colourful blazers and one-and-done jumpsuits to foolproof formulas involving the coolest jeans and blouses, these looks will have you photo-ready in no time.

Wear these outfits to catch up on the latest gossip with your closet friends at your next brunch date.

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