Simple Work Looks for When You Just Can't

Allyson Payer

In case being back at work just hit you like a ton of bricks after a carefree weekend, we're here for you, sartorially speaking. There are approximately 261 business days in the year, and you have to find an outfit to wear for all of them. And not just any outfit. A polished outfit that you can stand to wear for at least 9 hours. The struggle is real.

It's perfectly understandable that there will be days when you just want to stay in your PJs and can't fathom coming up with a work outfit. That's where we come in! We compiled 7 easy, comfortable outfit ideas for said days when you wish a fairy fashion godmother would magically bestow you with a comfy, stylish, office-appropriate outfit idea. Bookmark these, Pin them, and lock them away in your outfit idea arsenal. You'll want to wear them on repeat—trust us. 

Below, check out 7 perfect outfit ideas for those days when you just can't. (You know what we mean.)

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