Every Sydney It Girl Will Want This Bag

Aemilia Madden

When Simon Miller first debuted the iconic Bonsai Bag, fashion girls in Sydney and beyond clambered to get their hands on the miniature ring-adorned bucket bag (we saw it all over Fashion Week Australia). Now, the brand is back with another sized-down design that you can bet will soon pop up in the hands of your favourite street style stars. The Mini Birch is the petite younger sibling of the classic Birch, and it seems to perfectly toe the line between practical and fun (you can fit your phone and wallet in there snugly, we promise). 

Mini bags have continued to be an It item among the street style set, but in 2017, we're loving that  they're just big enough to fit whatever you need to run around town, while forcing you to streamline a little bit. So gather up your must-haves and get ready for your new favourite purse for spring.

Read on for a look at Simon Miller's new Mini Birch bag!

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