13 Silk Pyjamas to Up Your Sleepwear Game


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For as put together as we are during the day, wearing items from statement shirts and trouser pants to gorgeous spring dresses, it only makes sense that our sleeping attire should be just as luxurious, right? And let’s be real, there’s nothing more opulent than a set of silk pyjamas.

While our favourite lived-in T-shirt and boxer shorts can be supremely comfortable at the end of the day, we strive to be fashionable at all hours—even when sleeping. A set of smooth silk pyjamas will not only let that happen, but they might even help us unwind at the end of the day and fall asleep faster.

Ready to take your nightly routine up to the next level? We rounded up some of the best silk pyjamas on the market that lend themselves to the perfect slumber. From lace-trimmed camisoles and shorts to pyjama shirts and pants, you’ll want to wear these whenever you can—even during the day.

In these pyjamas, you'll be dreaming in style as soon as you hit the bed. 

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