Try Sienna Miller's Outfit When You're Over Your Skinny Jeans

Aemilia Madden

We've noted before, we're fairly sure there's nothing Sienna Miller can't pull off. In fact, the stylish star may even have the power to convince you to try styles you've been on the fence about before. Take for example, her latest ensemble. While attending a lunch hosted by Chanel for women filmmakers, Sienna skipped skinny jeans or a simple skirt, and instead paired leather shorts with black tights.

With the addition of black booties and a tweed jacket, the ensemble is perfect for this in-between weather. So, if you're feeling like it's not quite short weather yet,  take a cue from Sienna and add in some tights until the weather adjusts.

Read on to see Sienna's fall look, and shop shorts inspired by her outfit!

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