23 Sienna Miller Outfits We Will Never Tire Of

Amy Lewis

We’ve been hooked on Sienna Miller’s style for some time now. Of course, there was the boho phase of the ’00s, and we all yearned to look good in a low-slung belt and Western boots with the disheveled glamour only Sienna and Kate Moss could really master. But as we’ve grown (and stepped away from questionable accessories), so has Miller’s own aesthetic. We think she could make almost anything look good.

Coined the “Sienna-ssance” by one of our editors, the past few years have catapulted the star’s wardrobe back to the top of our most-wanted lists, thanks to an incredible mix of off-beat red carpet glamour and über-polished weekend wardrobing. 

When it comes to perfecting the art of the smart-casual, ever-elusive notion, Sienna nails it every single time. A little white dress? Paper-bag waist trousers? Summer dresses paired with patent brogues? Red-hot leathers? It seems the actress can pull off anything. So naturally, we’ve set about breaking down the secrets that power her knockout wardrobe. Keep scrolling to see some of Sienna Miller’s very best outfits and the style tricks she swears by.

Follow Sienna's lead and try out the brand-new legging outfit idea she wore.

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