Fashion Girls Never Make This Denim Mistake

Aemilia Madden

We know the heartbreaking moment when our favourite pair of jeans fall into ruin all to well. It could be because the hem was too long or the fit caused friction. As utilitarian as they may be, without the proper care, jeans can quickly turn from polished to tattered. That’s why when you spot a woman wearing true blues that somehow have that perfect fit, there’s a good chance she got them tailored.

Sure, DIY hems may be having a moment, but if you’re planning to keep your jeans around, it’s important to think about the best way to keep them looking like new. So we talked to a denim expert Scott Morrison, founder and creative director of 3x1, who offered insight into exactly why adjusting your jeans is a must.

Keep reading for Scott’s advice, and to shop of-the-moment jeans for you to consider tailoring for the long haul!

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